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Your plug & play federated social network

Bonfire aims to expand your freedom as a user of social networks, puts your data in your own hands (literally) and connects you with the people and communities you care about.

Bonfire use case: social + economic networks

Bonfire implements the social networking vocabulary Activity Streams and also the economic networking vocabulary ValueFlows.

You can publish and discuss your economic needs and offers and make decisions about them (as well as proposals, agreements, among other economic activities) with the same networks and apps you use for social networking. You can also decide to work together and then coordinate your work. And even define and calculate how to distribute value with all contributors.

It makes sense to have all of that in the same place, especially if the tools and infrastructure are set up and managed by you or someone you trust. Bonfire is working to provide such tools. And because Bonfire networks can be federated using the ActivityPub protocol, you can interact both socially and economically with any other people and groups using compatible software, which as of now means millions of people.

The diagram below mentions some groups that are planning to use Bonfire for their combined social + economic networks:

  • DisCOs: distributed cooperative organizations,
  • Reflow: creating circular resource flows in European cities,
  • Mutual Aid Networks, which are popping up all over the world,
  • And maybe cooperatives federating economically with other co-ops. Some co-ops are now federating socially in places like using the same ActivityPub protocol, and are talking about federating economically.
network of networks

Bonfire is an ecosystem aimed to empower individuals and communities to shape and control their tools and experience.